We have a network of subject specialists for talks, training, and workshops. We can even help you engage with the idea of engagement (eg with workshops for RRI, citizen science, co-creation etc). Our core expertise is science, media and the public but the network extends much more widely. The range of specific subjects will vary depending on the availability of experts at any one time.


    From start to finish, from planning to evaluation, we can help you develop ideas, create content and communicate results in the most appropriate way. This might be as simple as editing text or as complex as developing a research proposal. Our expertise in the development of communication and engagement strategies will help you and your organisation articulate your objectives and plan how to most effectively achieve them.


    Give us the material and we will finish the job. We can provide services from copy writing and visual design to media production and the creative arts. We can also take you through the process of what is needed (Who is it for? Why?) so that what is created is best suited to what you require and the job that needs doing.