Understanding Popular Science

Science is a defining feature of the modern world and popular science is where most of us make sense of that fact.

Understanding Popular Science provides a framework to help understand the development of popular science and current debates about it. The book shows how popular science has been invented, redefined and fought over. From early-nineteenth century radical science to twenty-first century government initiatives, popular science has been an arena where the authority of science and the authority of the state are legitimised and challenged.


Media Science Before the Great War

The rise of the mass media and professional science make the late-nineteenth century an important formative period in the hstory of popular science.

Media Science Before the Great War combines history with media studies and reverses the dominant view of popularisation – looking for science in what was popular rather than popularity in what was science. What was most popular were the new-style mass-circulation magazines. Exploring this rich source, the book uncovers the scientist as hero and villain; science for and against religion; utopian visions and degenerationist fears; Victorian hopes and Edwardian disillusion.


Other Papers

A selection of other published writing.

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